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Hiring A Septic Company

Many of your household items can break, and you’d be fine for a few days. From your refrigerator and car to your washing machine and air conditioning unit, if these systems fail, you simply call the appropriate repair company and await repair service. However, if your septic system fails, you have a major need that usually can’t wait, especially if your septic system is backing up into your home! Not only are waste products not the best for you, but they also can carry diseases when mixed with drinking water. Thus, you need a reliable septic system service company with a reputation for quality service.

We are a family-owned business, founded in 2005, with a reputation for quality service and competitive pricing. We provide full service for all types of septic systems, even those we did not install.

The Right Experience
You want a septic service company who knows what they are doing. After all, it’s vital that your waste products are treated and disposed of properly. While many people think a septic tank is simply that, a big tank that holds waste, your septic tank and the entire system is much more complex. In fact, your septic tank is a mini wastewater treatment facility just for your home or office complex. That said, having a good understanding not only of how your septic tank system works, but also of its component parts, is vital to your home or business’s health.

The Right Stuff
For septic service, you need special tools to not only clean out the septic tank, but to also perform routine maintenance and repairs if needed. If you call a septic company and they show up with just shovels and galoshes, you should definitely call a different company. Most septic tank companies have tanks for hauling your waste away, pumps for emptying your waste, cleaning implements to ensure your septic tank is empty, and hand tools and the like to provide repairs. In addition, your professional septic tank company should have the knowledge of underground pipes and electric lines in order to not inadvertently cut or damage one while engaged in a septic tank repair or cleaning.

The Right Reputation
You’ll want to hire a septic company that has a great reputation within the community. The best way to ascertain this is via word-of-mouth from someone who has used the septic company before. In lieu of this, online reviews are great places to check to read others’ experiences with the company. Social media is also another resource, as people will post comments of their experiences there as well. You are looking for positive reviews that speak to the professionalism of the company and their high-quality work. Also be sure to look for comments about punctuality.


Our expert technicians have years of experience helping residential and commercial customers have healthy septic systems that are reliable and that do their job in a safe manner. With years of experience, we are passionate about what we do, and we’re eager to help. We can answer all of your questions. When you need professional, reliable septic service, turn to us first.